Nvidia’s return dominates Tesla

You thought electric cars were a good investment?

I was messing around with some data for large-capitalization companies yesterday and was pretty surprised when I saw this:

Now, I know that Nvidia’s stock has done well. I remember that it ran up alongside cryptocurrencies in the 2017 bubble but I was mostly focused on crypto at the time. Even though cryptocurrencies remain well below that last peak, Nvidia has continued to rocket higher. So much so, that it makes Tesla’s return look pretty weak in comparison!

I mean, why turn 1 dollar into 11 dollars in just five years when you could turn 1 dollar into 28.5? With around a 35,000 dollar investment in Nvidia in 2015, you are a millionaire today. Not bad!

The reason this surprises me is because of how much hype Tesla gets in the press and in general among people I talk to. Obviously, Tesla’s return is worth talking about but you’d think there might be a little more coverage on Nvidia.

It goes to show that, even when you are someone like me who spends way too much time reading financial news, it still pays to do your own analysis and find the stories that aren’t seeing as much press.

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